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1. How does the language center assess student's learning?
Taking the Foreign Language Courses for example, all students must reach B2 level of CEFR after the 75-wk language training, which is the same graduation criteria of the foreign language school students in the civilian university, which means upon graduation from the language center, our trainee will far triumph in knowledge and proficiency of the language. Also, the language center set different goals to different level of students in varied training courses. Especially, when the students cannot meet the language proficiency, they will be subjected to the counselling program supported by instructors of each language program.
2. Does the language center open to the public?
The language center serve as the major language training institute in the military. All trainees are officers and NCOs and not open to civilians.
3. How long are the language training courses?
English-related training courses:
Preparatory English Course: 24-wk training period, two sessions a year.
Advanced English Course: 50-wk training period, one session a year.
Foreign Language Courses: Divided in to Spanish, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, and Korean programs. The training length is 75 weeks.